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Wartime is a two-player space-time warfare game for players of all ages and hairstyles. You can play it by clicking the links below. The browser version requires Unity Webplayer, but all versions require another human being.

Download Wartime for Windows

Play Wartime in your browser

Download Wartime for Macintosh

Wartime was made in… 7 days? It was supposed to be made in 7 days, but free time is hard to find these days. Just like Super Nirvana Xtreme, it was made for the Experimental Gameplay Project. The theme of August and September was Time Manipulation, meaning that the game of course features the sci-fi staple of time travel.

This game was very fun to make, and I wish I had more time to do balancing (and a proper menu). I was already familiar with Unity before, but decided to use it anyway to try out an input recording plugin. That I threw out because it was not deterministic enough, and wrote my own instead. Anyway, 3D is pretty nice. I hope you have fun.

2 responses to “Wartime

  1. gmx0

    I entered for this experiment, too! Love the two-player time repeating thingy, but it wasn’t clear which ship you were controlling, so I suggest make it have a different color when you are controlling it, like a lighter shade of orange or something. Anyways, great job! B)

  2. Mrop ⋅

    Well, there is a faint particle effect on the active ship, though I guess it is a bit subtle…

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