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Super Nirvana Xtreme!

Hello everyone!

Screenshot of Super Nirvana Extreme

Please allow me to introduce Super Nirvana Xtreme, a high intensity game for people everywhere. It was made as part of the July 2012 Experimental Gameplay Project, a game jam of sorts focusing on rapid prototyping. The theme for July 2012 was Audio Input, so the game requires a working microphone to play. It can be played on old-school computers with Java, or on the hip android platform for smart phones. Choose your poison below:

The way mom used to make them (.jar file for desktop)

Smartphone goodness (.apk file for android)*

*Please note that in order to run apps that are not distributed via the android market, please enable unauthorized apps in the Security or Developer section of the Settings menu.

I had quite some fun putting this little game together. It was my first foray into Android development, and audio input, so I wanted to make a quite simple game while learning the ropes. Hope the game brings you many hours of fun and inner peace.


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